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New Generation Film Equipment
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This year we introduced another "New Generation" product for vintage Steenbecks!

When we launched the “New Generation” product line, we simply intended to replace the OEM boards containing components that had become obsolete or unavailable. Now, our customers tell us of the extra benefits of higher reliability, lower service costs and improved performance from their Steenbecks. These benefits are the result of state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies unknown at the time your Steenbeck was made. That's how these aftermarket products outperform the OEM boards now plagued with intermittants, hum, noise and discontinued parts.

Features such as Digital Speed Readout and a Simplified Alignment Procedure for multiple film speeds have reduced the cost and difficulty of repairing and aligning the old Motor Speed Regulators. Design improvements like gold-plated connectors and integral groundplanes in the Summing Amplifiers, Audio Backplanes and Audio Power Supplies result in cleaner, better sound. Our Projection Lamp Dimmer Regulator has hum reduction, conventional size fuses, and user-friendly adjustments for threshold brightness.

All New Generation products are priced competitivly with the cost of a single repair to the OEM product and carry a Full 2-Year Warranty. Mouseover any of the products listed below to see how they can save you time and money. Click for the complete specifications.

Aftermarket Upgrades for all Price 

Steenbeck Film
Editing Machines
LCD Digital Frame Counter $ 352  
VF Digital Frame Counter 412  
Single Head Encoder (with cable) 45  
Dual Head Encoder (with cable) 83  
Laser Diode Exciter Lamp 100  

OEM Replacement Circuit Boards
for Hi-Speed
"01" Models 
5 Input Audio Backplane (6-plate) $ 179  
7 Input Audio Backplane (8-plate) 219  
Magnetic Audio Pre-amp 246  
Optical Audio Pre-amp 221  
Audio Summing Amplifier with (1) ¼” phone output 275  
Audio Summing Amplifier with (3) 3.5mm phone outputs 299  
Audio Amplifier Power Supply 150  
Motor Speed Regulator 350  
Motor Driver 50/60hz 16/35mm 209  
Card Extender 70  
Projection Lamp Dimmer Regulator 240  
OEM Replacement Circuit Boards
for Standard Speed 
"00" Models 
Power Supply ("A" Board) 250  
Audio Amplifier ("E" Board) 175  
Audio Amplifier Power Supply ("N" Board) 165  
Motor Speed Regulator ("B" Board, must be used with "C" Board below) 235  
Motor Speed Reference ("C" Board, must be used with "B" Board above) 95  

All prices are in U.S. dollars subject to change without notice; cash or check terms; MasterCard, AMEX & Visa accepted.
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