Film to VHS Tape Transfers

  • $99 per hour
    (plus $3.88 per VHS tape)
  • $50 minimum
  • $15 self-service cleaning kit
  • $25 we clean your film
Preparation Guidelines 
  • Provide one 16mm picture track plus two 16mm audio mag tracks (can be mixed on the fly) for conversion to VHS video tape format. We can make you an extra copy simultaneously if you get the extra tape stock.
  • Provide clear instructions, name, address, telephone numbers and a choice of courier. Please clearly label any customer-supplied VHS tapes with name and title/tape number if necessary.
  • All material should be heads out, base out excluding slug within sound rolls. There is a $2.00 rewind charge for all rolls handed in tails out. 
  • Roll length: maximum - 1800 feet - rolls usually consist of 2 to 3 - 400 foot camera loads. 

  • Any roll less than 600' is done at $10.00 per roll.

Format Choices 
  • Provide clear instructions. Titles, letter prefixes and starting numbers should be indicated on leaders. 

  • Normal turnaround is 2-3 business days and depends on the job's size and the workload at drop-off time.
  • Rush Service is available at an additional charge of 50%.

All prices are in U.S. dollars subject to change without notice; shipping additional; cash or check terms; MasterCard & Visa accepted.

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